1. Low Water Content and Low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Breakthrough is a commercial-grade acrylic paint that acts like an alkyd paint. Not only does it have less water in it — meaning it does not bubble as much when it is drying — it is also very low in VOCs, which means it is safer for the environment and is low odor. VOCs or volatile organic compounds are known for causing headaches, nausea, and damage to internal organs like the kidneys and liver and should be avoided whenever possible.

2. Adheres to Almost Any Surface

Atypical of an acrylic paint, Breakthrough will stick to almost any surface. Even though it is a water-soluble paint, Breakthrough will stick to:



Masonry block

Ferrous metal



Galvanized steel

Gypsum wallboard-drywall

Interior wood


Vinyl and architectural plastics

3. Dries Harder Than Most Alkyd Paints

Traditionally, water-soluble paints dry softer than alkyd paints. That is not the case with Breakthrough. Even though it doesn't have the VOCs that make most alkyd paints dry hard — Breakthrough provides hardness similar to or better than standard alkyds but without the added risk of health problems or environmental contamination.

4. Quick Dry Time

Much like its ability to dry harder, since Breakthrough is more like a water-based paint than an oil-soluble paint, Breakthrough dries extremely fast, which means faster turnaround and increased productivity on commercial and home improvement projects.

5. Resistant to Household Chemicals, Stains and Discoloration

Alkyd gloss paints are popular among builders, carpenters and cabinet makers because once dry, alkyd paints are resistant to cleaning chemicals. That means it is much easier to maintain an alkyd paint. Breakthrough is the same. You can clean it like you would porcelain, stainless steel or a stove top.

Builder Supply Source uses alkyd gloss paint on virtually everything because it dries faster and harder than satin and is more durable over the lifespan of the cabinet. You can't just use any type of paint for cabinets, bathrooms and interior and exterior walls.

Breakthrough is the first water-soluble paint we treat — and use — like an alkyd.

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5 Benefits of Using Breakthrough From Porter Paints

 5 Benefits of Using Breakthrough From Porter Paints
A new product that combines all the best traits of oil (alkyd) paints with those of an acrylic is Porter Paints' “Breakthrough,” a far different product than any other interior/exterior paint on the market. As a gloss paint, there are very few acrylics like Breakthrough and the five most notable advantages of Breakthrough, listed below, make it unlike anything on the market.