Builder Supply Source uses 100% Maple wood cabinets. Many cabinets makers use Oakwood as it is much cheaper however we believe in offering the best product and service available. Maple wood cabinets are the premier choice for a number of reasons:

  • Smooth texture - By using Maple wood we are able to sand down all the surfaces of our cabinets much finer than Oak allows. This creates a smooth, soft finish that can be enjoyed for years.
  • Light-Grain - Other wood options such as Oak have a much more defined wood-grain look which is ideal for hardwood. However for cabinets will look much better if done with Maple because the grain will not show through the stain or paint you choose to finish your cabinets with.
  • Lasting Results- Aside from the visual appeals of Maple, it is a high-quality and lasting choice due to its durability. Maple cabinets will last for years to come and can handle all the same conditions that other wood choices such as Oak can withstand.

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