DIY Measurements

Account For Appliances
Many of our customers who are installing new cabinets are doing a full renovation of their space which includes new fixtures and appliances as well as cabinets.
With the sketch of your current space, please include all of the fixture and appliances changes you wish to make as it may change the size and shape of your new cabinetry.

*Pro-Tip* Many appliance types such as drop-in cooktops require a piece of cabinetry to rest in. Be sure to include the exact type and brand of appliances you wish you use.

Want to DIY? We make it easy!

At Builder Supply Source we are happy to come out and take all the measurements that a necessary for cabinet installation. However we understand that many of our clients wish to take the measurements themselves. Because some of our clients are the DIY type we have put together this easy-to-follow walkthrough that will show you everything you need to account for when taking cabinetry measurements.

Sketch Your Space
The first step in measuring your space is sketching the room. You will want to sketch the entire room and be sure to include all walls and fixtures. Be sure to include all obstacles which include: the refrigerator, stove, islands, and counters.

*Pro-Tip* Standing in the middle of the room provides the best view.

Measure Your Space
The next step in your planning process will be to measure the entire space from corner to corner along each wall.
Be Sure To Include:
- Location of Appliances such as the refrigerator, sink, and oven.
- All window and door frame trim measurements

*Pro-Tip* There is no such thing as too much information when measuring your space. The more detailed your sketch is, the greater the chance of a smooth installation.