Choosing The Right Cabinet Color
A Guide to Tasteful Color Selection

For many people choosing the color of new cabinetry is very difficult. They know the storage needs they have but what about appearance? How do you chose the right color to compliment the rest of your kitchen? Does more than color palate affect your decision? We want to answer those questions for you with a short simple article that will tell you exactly how to choose the perfect color for your new cabinets.

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Go with a Classic:
One of the first options to consider is going with a classic and versatile color choice. Two of the most popular colors for cabinets  are Espresso or White Painted. Espresso cabinets are a rich dark brown that go with any color scheme. They are sleek and simple which makes them ideal for the homeowner who simply wants their cabinets to blend in and serve their purpose. White cabinets have grown very common in the last few years due to the fact that white cabinets are a simple way to brighten a room. If you want a clean option that will catch the eye of anyone who steps in your kitchen then white cabinets are the right choice for you.

Natural Approach:
Many homeowners with a traditional tastes deal with a dilemma in choosing a cabinet color because they want their cabinetry to have personality but they don’t wish to have bright colors. A great color option for any cabinetry set is a simple finish or little or no staining. By simply using a clear finish on your cabinetry you can give your kitchen a natural look that will last for years to come.

Splash of Color:
Over the years we have seen more and more sets of brightly colored cabinets in the Nashville area. Cabinetry sets with bright, vivid colors are ideal for the homeowners who wants their kitchen to be a focal point in the home. From bright blues and greens to warm yellows and reds, homeowners can choose just about any color option to spice up their kitchen space.

Consider Your Space:

Whether you are a homeowner with a classic, simple taste or you want a space with bright colors and bold patterns, you need to consider the shape and size of your space when making a color decision. If you have an open floor plan with plenty of natural lighting you may want to choose a darker shade of stain or even pastel colors as these will allow the space to maintain an open feel. If you are working with a smaller space or a space with limited lighting a set of white or bold colored cabinetry can make your space feel larger than it really is.