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 Benefits of Working With a Local Supplier on Large Multi-Family Projects
When working on a large multi-family project, it is likely that you will need to buy a very large number of supplies. Buying your cabinets from a factory or mfg out of state may seem like a reasonable choice, but these options actually have many pitfalls. Here are three key reasons why using a local supplier makes sense.

Local Warranty

Many local suppliers offer warranties that guarantee their products will last for a certain amount of time. Claiming on one of these warranties is easy when the supplier is locally based, as you can easily go to the supplier to return faulty goods and pick up replacements. Remote suppliers sometimes also offer warranties, but you may have to pay to ship the faulty goods back to them and spend a long time waiting for replacements to arrive.

Local Storage

If you are working on a large project, you need to consider where you will store your cabinets and other items before you install them in the property. Receiving a huge shipment of cabinets from a remote supplier can lead to a serious headache as you try to work out what to do with them to avoid them getting in your way while you wait. If you buy from a local supplier, cabinets can be delivered in small batches when you need them, cutting down on storage problems.

Design Versatility

When you use a local supplier, you can take much more creative and innovative design decisions, as it is possible to view and handle cabinets in person before you buy to work out if they are right for your project. Local suppliers are also often much more able to handle requests for custom cabinets, so you can deliver exactly what your customer wants.


Don’t restrict yourself to the limited design and delivery choices offered by larger retail stores and/or cabinet factories out of state; use a local supplier to eliminate supply problems and keep your business one step ahead of the competition. By reaping the benefits of using a local supplier, you can delight your customers and ensure your large multi-family project goes smoothly.